Lose The Dirt

199,00 kr

This 'Lose The Dirt'-kit is currently one of the most competitive sneaker cleaning kits on the market. Widely sold and easy-to-use, this two product kit features gel and double sided brush with different firmness.

Cleaning gel

  • Gel consistency applies well on brush
  • Pump gives right dose
  • Balanced foam effect for good cleaning experience
  • Very good cleaning performance
  • Unique scent of oud
  • Volume: 150ml

Main ingredients:

  • Water based
  • Lauryl sulfate sodium salt
  • Sodium lauriminodipopionate
  • pH 6-7

Double sided brush

  • Applicable on all materials
  • Durable and light
  • Comfortable in hand feel

Main ingredients:

  • Handle in ABS
  • Brush in polypropylene

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