The rewards program will automatically be enrolled when an account is created. Points, hereby refereed to as "Soles", are earned every time you shop with us. In addition, Soles can also be given when completing different pre-defined activitites. Exchange your Soles for gift cards, products and exclusive offers. For more details, please visit our "PMK SOLE MATES" page in the drop down menu on the home page.

-Please note that Soles do not carry any cash value and the rewards can be modified, without notice, at any time.

-In case of returns, Soles will be withdrawn from your account in correspondance to your order value, i.e if a product is purchased for 200 SEK, 200 Soles will be deducted when the return has been completed.

-Soles will expire and be set to zero, if a member has been inactive for more than 12 months.

-Misabuse of the rewards program will lead to termination of your account without any further notice.