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Nike SB Dunk Low Orange Label 'Wolf Grey Gum'Nike SB Dunk Low Orange Label 'Wolf Grey Gum'
Nike Dunk Low 'Active Fuchsia'Nike Dunk Low 'Active Fuchsia'
Nike Dunk Low 'Active Fuchsia' Sale priceFrom 1,499.00 SEK
Nike Dunk Low 'Safari Swoosh Chlorophyll'Nike Dunk Low 'Safari Swoosh Chlorophyll'
Nike Dunk Low 'Summit White Midnight Navy'Nike Dunk Low 'Summit White Midnight Navy'
Nike Dunk Low 'Fleece Green'Nike Dunk Low 'Fleece Green'
Nike Dunk Low 'Fleece Green' Sale priceFrom 2,799.00 SEK
Nike SB Dunk Low 'Be True'Nike SB Dunk Low 'Be True'
Nike SB Dunk Low 'Be True' Sale priceFrom 2,199.00 SEK
Nike Dunk Low 'White Paisley'Nike Dunk Low 'White Paisley'
Nike Dunk Low 'White Paisley' Sale priceFrom 1,699.00 SEK
On saleNike Dunk High 'Panda'Nike Dunk High 'Panda'
Nike Dunk High 'Panda' Sale priceFrom 2,199.00 SEK
Nike Dunk Low 'Mineral Teal'Nike Dunk Low 'Mineral Teal'
Nike Dunk Low 'Mineral Teal' Sale price2,199.00 SEK
On saleNike Dunk Low 'Reverse Panda Neon'Nike Dunk Low 'Reverse Panda Neon'
Nike Dunk Low 'Reverse Panda Neon' Sale priceFrom 2,399.00 SEK
Nike Dunk Low 'Racer Blue'Nike Dunk Low 'Racer Blue'
Nike Dunk Low 'Racer Blue' Sale price2,799.00 SEK
Nike Dunk Low 'Phantom Metallic Gold'Nike Dunk Low 'Phantom Metallic Gold'
Nike Dunk Low 'Phantom Metallic Gold' Sale priceFrom 2,799.00 SEK

Nike Dunk

Mostly dropped in low and high tops, the Nike Dunk is one of the most highly sought after silhouettes ever released by the company. It was originally released in 1985 as a fusion of three Nike sneakers: the Legend, the Terminator, and the Air Jordan 1. Prior to the release of the first Nike Dunk, most shoes manufactured at the time were all white or solid colors. This led to the revolution known as color-blocking. Rather than a solid color shoe, Nike introduced two tone colorways. However, as the Air Jordan 1 hype started to grow during the late 80s, the NIke Dunk era was coming to an end. Almost at lowest demand, a new group of new consumers would soon fall in love with the silhouette. This gave birth to what we today call Nike SB. 

Similar to basketball players, skaters also needed a firm shoe with good grip and ankle support. As a result, the first initial revision of the Nike Dunk was now rendered just to fit this purpose by adding a puffy tongue and a different in sole, Almost 25 years later, the Nike Dunk SB plays a central role in a billion dollar industry, feeding world famous skaters with shoes and utilities on a daily basis.