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Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter Moore and was officially released in 1985. The release was tied to Michael Jordan’s rookie season in the NBA. But since the Air Jordan was not ready by the time his rookie season started, he played in the Nike Air Ship's until the J1's were ready in November of that year. Nike had a clear vision - to give Jordan his own brand to grow with. However, the style would soon be consumed by sneakerheads wearing them in every colorway it dropped. As a result, to satisfy the never ending hype, Jordan brand took advantage of the high demand and started to manufacture the shoes in different heights. Except the already known Air Jordan 1 High, models as Air Jordan 1 Mid and Air Jordan 1 Low were aimed for different target groups. We can probably debate about the Jordan 1s forever. However, it is arguably the shoe that started the market for sneakers in the first place. And no matter where we go from here, the Jordan I will be looked back on by many as the greatest, most endearing sneaker or all time.

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Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Panda'Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Panda'
Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Panda' Sale price$175.00
Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Chenille Bleached Turquoise'Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Chenille Bleached Turquoise'
Air Jordan 1 Low 'Sky J Purple'Air Jordan 1 Low 'Sky J Purple'
Air Jordan 1 Low 'Sky J Purple' Sale priceFrom $159.00
Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Ice Blue'Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Ice Blue'
Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Ice Blue' Sale priceFrom $175.00
Air Jordan 1 Low 'Lucky Green'Air Jordan 1 Low 'Lucky Green'
Air Jordan 1 Low 'Lucky Green' Sale priceFrom $135.00
Air Jordan 1 High 'Lucky Green'Air Jordan 1 High 'Lucky Green'
Air Jordan 1 High 'Lucky Green' Sale priceFrom $175.00
Air Jordan 1 Low 'White Toe'Air Jordan 1 Low 'White Toe'
Air Jordan 1 Low 'White Toe' Sale priceFrom $127.00
Air Jordan 1 Low 'Triple Black'Air Jordan 1 Low 'Triple Black'
Air Jordan 1 Low 'Triple Black' Sale priceFrom $143.00
Air Jordan 1 Low 'Dark Concord'Air Jordan 1 Low 'Dark Concord'
Air Jordan 1 Low 'Dark Concord' Sale priceFrom $119.00
Air Jordan 1 Low 'Black Iced Lilac'Air Jordan 1 Low 'Black Iced Lilac'
Air Jordan 1 Low Craft 'Taupe Haze'Air Jordan 1 Low Craft 'Taupe Haze'
Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Alternate Bred'Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Alternate Bred'
Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Alternate Bred' Sale priceFrom $143.00
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