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New Balance 550

The iconic New Balance 550 sneaker has an obscure history, which ranges for over 30 years. Today seen on almost every Social Media influencer and celebrity and very much hyped among consumers, the backstory of the New Balance 550 has not always been that bright. When it initially released in late 80s, the intention was to offer a budget-conscious sneaker for basketball lovers. The admirable sneaker designer Steven Smith, wanted to create a low-top option to the New Balance 650. However, the sneaker lacked initial interest and the demand was too low compared to other brands that was seriously growing within aimed segment. As a result, the shoe went into hibernation. 

The hype had to wait until 2020, thanks to Teddy Santis, founder of Aimé Leon Dore, who accidently stumbled upon the retro design while swiping through a vintage magazine. ALD and New Balance decided to join forces and a re-release of the New Balance 550 had now been confirmed. 

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New Balance 550 'White Blue'
New Balance 550 'White Blue' Sale priceFrom $158.00
Sold outNew Balance 550 'White Dark Grey'
New Balance 550 'White Dark Grey' Sale priceFrom $213.00
Sold outNew Balance 550 'White Gum'
New Balance 550 'White Gum' Sale price$236.00
Sold outNew Balance 550 'White Summer Fog'
New Balance 550 'White Summer Fog' Sale priceFrom $189.00
Sold outNew Balance 550 'White Beige Black'
Sold outNew Balance 550 'White Scarlet'New Balance 550 'White Scarlet'
Sold outNew Balance 550 'White Carolina Blue'
Sold outOn saleNew Balance 550 'White Pink'
New Balance 550 'White Pink' Sale priceFrom $103.00 Regular price$158.00
Sold outNew Balance 550 'White Black Toe'
Sold outOn saleNew Balance 550 'White White Grey'
New Balance 550 'White White Grey' Sale priceFrom $103.00 Regular price$189.00
Sold outNew Balance 550 'Cream Black'
New Balance 550 'Cream Black' Sale priceFrom $252.00
Sold outOn saleNew Balance 550 'Au Lait'
New Balance 550 'Au Lait' Sale priceFrom $103.00 Regular price$158.00
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