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Mystery Box

This is an experience for the ultimate thrill seeker! Unboxing of an unknown item could be one of the most exciting things. Just think about, what's more exciting than opening gifts on your birthday? Probably nothing! Note that all Mystery Boxes contain one shirt each. You will never receive a shirt that is lower in price than the actual price of the box. The shirts can be either brand new or pre-owned, but in wearable condition. 

Higher chance of getting a less known team in brand new/excellent condition or a big team but in pre-owned condition. Shirts with names on the back are less common in this pack. Perfect for those who are open for getting a real surprise. 

Closing in on the crème de la crème. You will either be getting a brand new shirt, a shirt with player name, 90s shirt or something more unusual. 

For the real collectors. This pack will bring you the rarest shirts you can ever find. It can also contain game worn shirts from real matches, signed shirts or something else that you happily can add to your collection.

Probably doesn't need any introduction. This pack contain real 90s shirts for those who are looking for the vintage look. Remember that the shirts are in most cases 20+ years old and this will reflect back on the condition. 

For the young bosses. This pack contains shirts in sizes 122-170cm.

Detta är en upplevelse för den ultimata äventyraren! Att öppna en okänd mystery box kan vara en av de mest spännande sakerna. Tänk efter, vad är mer spännande än att öppna presenter på din födelsedag? Troligtvis ingenting! Observera att alla Mystery Boxar innehåller en tröja respektive. Du kommer aldrig att få en tröja som är billigare än själva mystery boxens pris. Tröjorna kan vara antingen helt nya eller begagnade, men i alltid i brukbar skick. 

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